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May 2019 Newsletter - Harambee (view PDF)


December 2018 Newsletter - Olemoncho Electric Fencing Project Completed (view PDF)


May 2018 Newsletter - update on Olemoncho Electric Fencing Project (view PDF)


March 2018 Newsletter - Burguret School project complete - Looking forward to Olemoncho School Fencing Project (view PDF)


August 2017 Newsletter - Opening of New Kindergarten Classrooms - (view PDF)


May 2017 Newsletter - Kindergarten Classroom Construction has Begun - (view PDF)


October 2016 Newsletter - Harambee Great Success! (view PDF)


September 2015 Newsletter - WATER and Other Acievements (view PDF)


September 2012 Newsletter: The Kitchen is Completed! (view PDF)


April 2011 Newsletter: Get ready for a Kenyan Harambee! (view PDF)