The Kindergarten Classroom Contruction at Burguret Primary School has begun!!!!!

Kenyan School Project - May 2017 Burguret Primary School Kindergarten Classroom

Jambo Rafikis  (hello friends),


As many of you know, the Kenyan School Project non-profit organization, which Teri, Ann and I run, is working with the Burguret Primary School in Nanyuki, Kenya to better the lives and education of the 370 plus students in their care.  In September of 2016 the KSP held a Harambee (Swahili meaning “we pull together”) party and fundraiser to raise funds to build a new kindergarten at the school.  The old one room classroom was falling apart and the conditions were not contusive to learning. 


KSP raised half of the funding needed for the project through small and large donations received at the Harambee event.  We then applied for a matching grant from the Kind World Foundation and were informed in February that we had received a matching grant of $8,500.00 making it possible to move forward on building the Kindergarten for the Burguret School.


We wired half of the funds to the Burguret School on March 20th and we are now able to report that the school is moving along quickly with construction.  The new building will have two classrooms to accommodate the 80 plus students. This is such exciting news.  We will soon be sending the remaining funds so the school can complete the project.


Recently, we received photos and the attached video from the school.  You can see that the project is coming along quickly and the children and teachers are very happy about their future new school!  This new building means the following:

  • the children will not have water dripping on them in the rainy months through the numerous holes in the old tin roof
  • they will not have wind blowing into the classroom through the big gaps in the walls of the old building and can put up instructional materials on the walls without the materials getting damaged by the elements and termites eating the papers
  • the children will be warm in the winter and cool in the hot months since the concrete block walls will provide insulation
  • the children will not suffer from chigger bites (nasty biting insects that live in the dirt floor) since the floor of the new classroom will be cement

Think about your children going to school in a old shed with a dirt floor, a leaky roof and gaps in the walls and you have an idea of how immense this new building is for the children, parents and teachers.


We are grateful to all the individuals who donated to the project, to Bruce Botts at Vitas for hosting the Harambee last fall, to our many volunteers and to the Kind World Foundation for their generous matching grant.  Personally, it feels so good to do this work.  The School Management Committee at the Burguret School has worked hard to make this dream a reality and to better the lives of the children that they are responsible for.  It is an honor to work with them.


Thank you again for making a difference in the lives of these children!



The Kenyan School Project is a small non-profit organization working to improve the lives of children in Kenya by promoting better educational opportunities and health.  We take on one small project at a time.  Over the past five years, KSP has been working with the Burguret Primary School in Nanyuki. The Burguret School consists of 370 girls and boys in the primary school and 80 young students in the kindergarten.  The Burguret School is situated at the foot of Mount Kenya and at the edge of the Great Rift Valley near stunning wildlife parks where subsistence farmers grow beans, maize, potatoes and raise some livestock. 


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