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Jambo Rafikis  (hello friends),

On October 11th KSP Board members Liz Scranton, and Ann Goss and hopefully Lopez  High School senior Ashi Bartolucci will be traveling to Kenya to celebrate the opening of the new kindergarten classrooms, and to honor the head teacher who is retiring at the end of the this school year.  Ms. Peninah Maturi has been the director and driving force at the school for the three projects that the Kenyan School Project has supported.  Liz, Ann and Ashi are very excited to attend this celebration and join with the children and the teachers at the Burguret School for the opening of the new Kindergarten Classrooms.   

With the help of Kind World Foundation, Liz and Ann are able to visit Kenya and attend this momentous event.  Ashi Bartolucci, a senior at Lopez High School, has been supporting the kindergarten classroom project for the last year, and hopes to travel with Liz and Ann.  Ashi is trying to raise the funds to help pay for her airfare and travel within the country.  She has a crowdfunding effort at if you would like to help.  

It has been nine years since Liz and her family first visited the Burguret school, and began this very important relationship.  At that time the school had never had outside visitors.  The teachers and children went all out in showing their hospitality.  We were given the grand tour of the school and the children preformed traditional Kikuyu dances, songs and poetry.  It was a very moving time, and Liz made a promise that day to help the school in some way.   

KSP Completes Three Successful Projects at the Burguret School


Building a Kitchen

(Enabling the school to have a lunch program for the first time)

Building a Water System

(The school can now grow a garden and have drinking water for the children)

Building two Kindergarten classrooms

(Replacing an overcrowded and sub-standard class room)

The Kenyan Government

Gives a Helping Hand 

In addItion to the projects that KSP had completed

The Kenyan Government just granted the Burguret School a computer lab, complete with



Kenya School Project looks ahead to future projects.

It is with bitter sweet feelings that KSP has decided it is time to move on and support another school in Kenya.  The Burguret School has a strong foundation now, and with that in mind, Liz and Ann will visit two different schools to evaluate their programs.  One school is on the coast by Mombasa, and the other is in the Masai-Mara.  Both of these schools have approached KSP for support.  We will meet with the directors and school staff to see if their projects fit with our mission.  More to come when Liz and Ann return.  

As always, your donations keep us going......

Please consider either supporting Ashi for her travel, and/or donations for our work.  We will be taking small gifts for the schools we visit, and a retirement gift to Ms. Maturi.  We would also like to gift another book box for the Burguret school at a cost of $250.  For tax deductible donations to KSP use the donation button below.  For support for Ashi, please go to the crowd funding source at

Thanks so much for your ongoing support. 


The Kenyan School Project is a small non-profit organization working to improve the lives of children in Kenya by promoting better educational opportunities and health.  We take on one small project at a time.  Over the past nine years, KSP has been working with the Burguret Primary School in Nanyuki. The Burguret School consists of 370 girls and boys in the primary school and 80 young students in the kindergarten.  The Burguret School is situated at the foot of Mount Kenya and at the edge of the Great Rift Valley near stunning wildlife parks where subsistence farmers grow beans, maize, potatoes and raise some livestock. 


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