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The Kenyan School Project is working to improve the lives of children in Kenya by promoting better educational opportunities and health. In 2010 the The Kenyan School Project  formed a partnership with the Burguret Primary School to  help the school build a school kitchen and dining area.  At the end of 2010 we launched a fundraising campaign to raise funds for this specific project.


In 2011 we raised $7,500 for the construction of a school kitchen to provide hot meals to students, many of whom receive only one meal a day.  In August of 2012, the kitchen was completed under budget!  With the money saved on construction, we approved the purchase of two Jiko cooking stoves for preparing food.  Please take a moment to view the photos of the partially completed kitchen – pictures of the completed building will be posted as soon as we receive photos from the school.
See Kitchen Photos


Our next project: Water!  The school leaders want to make the lunch program self sustainable by growing their own food but with only one water tank, Burguret lacks adequeate rainfall storage capacity.  Four water storage tanks are needed to capture water for the school kitchen, gardens and basic school needs.  The cost of the tanks along with piping and gutters is $8,500. Please help us reach our fund-raising goal by making a donation on line now!


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WOW! We're almost 75% of the way there! Please help us get to our goal!


Read details in our September Newsletter.


The Burguret Primary School is located in a semi-arid region in the Great Rift Valley in East Africa. The people in this region are subsistence farmers and survive in the face of poverty and draught.The key to a better future for these children lies in providing an excellent education and good health. 


Many students eat one meal a day and have difficulty staying focused in school on an empty stomach. Good nutrition is critical to achieving a good education. One teacher wrote, “I am sorry to say (that) quite a good number (of pupils) go hungry.  We have been having cases of malnutrition due to poor diet and lack of enough food. The school has been noting cases of dropout caused mostly by hunger.” One student wrote, “There are certain times some of us go without lunch.”


We did it! The new Kitchen is completed!!
Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

See New Kitchen Photos


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Next Project: Water Tanks

If you are interested in hosting a tea and showing our slide show to friends, we’d love to make that possible.

Asante sana!
(in Swahili, thank you)


Future projects we hope to help with include:

Although school is compulsory in Kenya, the government falls short of support.




The Burguret Primary School has excellent teachers and staff and the support of the community but funds are limited. Your contribution will have a direct impact on improving the lives of these children. Children are enthusiastic about school and many students walk long distances to attend school. We strive to provide these students with the tools they need to better their education.


The Burguret Primary School ranks third academically in their area and this performance can be credited to the devotion and commitment by the teaching staff, positive attitude and commitment of the pupils, co-operation of the parents, and support by stakeholders. The teachers and school management committee, the school board and the community established the following goals:

  1. Eradication of illiteracy in the community by providing quality education
  2. To have an educated and morally upright community through exemplary teaching and child mentoring.
  3. To have a school with most of the necessary facilities available to include; enough classrooms and furniture, a school kitchen and lunch program and improved water storage capacity.
  4. To be able to install electricity and computers in order to cope with information technology.

Crop failures caused by draught, loss of parents to AIDS and lack of a good dietary intake has had an adverse effect on learning. The Kenyan School Project strives to have a direct impact on the lives of these children by improving educational opportunities and health.